Hedge maintenance showing neatly trimmed hedges

Hedge Maintenance

Hedge Maintenance can be difficult to do yourself but we have the equipment and expertise to tackle any sized hedge.

Hedge Trimming & Reduction

Our popular hedge cuts include a light trim or a height reduction – our team are well equipped and prepared for the task.

Hedge Care

It is essential to understand the growth capabilities of your hedges and trees, and we will be able to advise on the best course of action.  This keeps them healthy and looking their very best.

Complete Hedge Removal

If you are planning to replace an established hedge with fencing, we can help by doing a complete hedge removal.  We remove the hedge roots by winching them out or by grounding to leave a clear area for the fencing and posts to be erected.

We Tidy Up Debris

All our hedge and tree debris is cleared from your premises to save you multiple trips to the local tip.